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PDF Connoisseur iPad App Review – Reading & Editing PDF Files is a Pleasure Now!

Keeping your laptop any time with you is something unusual these days as innovative tablets are conquering the digital words, especially the iPad! This beautiful gadget is now anywhere, helping people to make their tasks very easier with the fingertips. Reading news and documents on the iPad is an awesome experience indeed. If you are someone who uses documents on the iPad, especially PDF – here is the right app for you.

PDF Connoisseur on your iPad is a great app that lets you whatever editing work you need on a PDF file. This app comes with a very fast rendering speed, which gives you a stunning experience while reading through the PDF files. No matter if you are in a train or walking on a heavy rush street, with Text-To-Speech feature you can simply hear the selected text!

PDF Connoisseur app review

You can easily select the texts and copy it to your clipboard, underline it or strike-out. I don’t think there are many apps with such cool features. Also, with TTS you are not in any risk of slipping out of your way on the go! You can hear the selected text in English, French or German. Another important feature in this app is the “Save to PDF” option, which lets you convert any office documents, iWork files, HTML files, text documents to a PDF file in seconds.

Nowadays, cloud storage is mandatory for anyone who manages a lot of documents. PDF Connoisseur keeps that in Mind and comes with integrated Cloud services like Dropbox, iDisk, GoogleDocs, Box.net, FTP Server and WebDAV Server. The app also lets you to write handwritten notes, text boxes, draw various objects on a PDF file. It supports almost all file formats including ZIP/RAR, audio files, image files, etc. These cases are only in read only format.

PDF Connoisseur for iPad

This app also supports PDF form filling, Google Doc online editing. On the whole PDF Connoisseur is a brilliant work from the developers combines intuitive interface and awesome features. The app costs $9.99 on the App Store, but for such a big list of exciting features this is a very good deal. Check out the app demo video below,

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.5/5]

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