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OrganiDoc HD iPad App Review – Brilliants in File Management

Every iOS users are really excited with the new iOS 5 features and especially the iCloud.  OrganiDoc HD for iPad is a brilliantly made app, which makes your file management tasks like a piece of cake. This app holds a bunch of interesting features that work pretty well on your iPad.

OrganiDoc HD can back up your docs, photos and videos from your iPad and store it on promising internet cloud services like DropBox, Google Docs, Box.net, etc. All the operations are very handy inside this application. You can simply transfer the file from your PC to your iPad and keep them in the cloud for a safer backup. You can see your files separated as Docs, Photos and Media on launching the app. You can align them easily by the file name, date, size or type.

OrganiDoc HD for iPad

You can edit the photos and videos easily from the application just like sharing it to your friends, move it another folder, protect them via a password, print and delete, etc. You can see a separate tab is dedicated for the cloud storage. Tapping the Cloud Storage lists a collection of top online cloud services like DropBox, Google Docs, etc. You can easily sign in to a particular service if you are already registered with them or else you can create an account right from the app as well.

You can keep the file in a private or public mode. You can set up a password and keep all those things safe from unwanted access. Even this app supports the ZIP and RAR files as well. You can easily print any files using the Air Print feature supported in this app. It also supports TV OUT so that users can easily present their presentations on the screen. This app supports most of the file formats so that you don’t worry about it.

The recent update of OrganiDoc HD holds some interesting features like video type conversion from various formats to iPad supported MP4 or MP3 files. Also, you can copy and paste a photo from this app and to anywhere including your mail body. Another cool thing is the hyperlink feature inside the docs so that you can easily get the website on your safari by a single tap.

OrganiDoc HD app review

OrganiDoc HD is available on the app store for a bit higher cost $4.99, but it delivers the best for what we spend. Even though Apple offered a 5 GB iCoud space for users, online cloud services are pretty popular recent times. For free of cost they are offering wide range of features as well. OrganDoc HD is the app right in time to make use of the free cloud services and this is a right tool to keep your important files safe protected any time.

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