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NoteLedge iPad App Review – All Your Note Taking Tools in One Place

There are many apps available on the Apple App Store for taking notes and tips on the go! On your iPad need for such an application is very important, especially when you are in a meeting or while you are attending any classes. NoteLedge is an excellent app for taking notes on your iPad, which gives you a stunning experience overall.

This app is not only limited the concept of regular notes taking. Apart from this it offers varieties of interesting features that can make your notes more in real. NoteLedge has a very interesting feature called “Navigator”, a gadget that provides functions to crop any part of your notes and use it any other content area! This kind of feature should be very useful if you want to mix up various contents.

noteledge for ipad

You can take notes very easily with the app and edit using various styles provided. You can take handwritten notes as well, which is a good feature when you need to write something in an urgent case. This app has a very neat design and user interface that gives the users a wonderful experience overall. Editing options are very simple comes with a full set of a scribble pen, highlighter with vivid brush effects and an eraser. You can paste the content anywhere in the writing part and you can pinch zoom in/out it as you wish!

noteledge app review

You can save your drawings as templates for later use. If you wish to add any voice over your written notes, NoteLedge allows you that too! You can add multiple audio or video to your notes. There is a text box, which lets you to drag your text anywhere on the active screen.

Another important feature on this app is the backup option. Back up- allows you to retrieve the saved work anytime; your work is always modifiable with the special format NoteLedge offers. You can get your backup to various cloud services like DropBox, iDisk, Box.net, GoogleDocs, and FTP. You can share your works anytime using email. You can convert the notes into JPG or PDF formats easily.

For someone who wishes to take more notes on the go, NoteLedge is definitely a good choice for them. You can avail this app from the App Store for $2.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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