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Note Goal Pro iPad App Review – An Exciting Virtual Piano on Your iPad

Listening to music is my favorite hobby all time and it was my desire to become an expert in playing violin. Sadly that didn’t happen for me, but playing songs on my iPhone most of the day still continues. I haven’t tried any musical instruments yet now, but when I had a chance to play with Note Goal Pro on my iPad, I almost felt playing a real piano!

This app can help people who learn piano as well as music teachers to teach students easily. With this app you can train your students or even for the beginners. This app contains various level controls for a better understanding from the beginners to experts.

note goal pro app review

Really I am not aware of using this app exactly, but I have managed to produce some funny tunes JIn fact, the app interface itself gives a real feel of playing piano. This app supports MIDI keyboard input with CoreMIDI (via Apple Camera Connection Kit). The note ranges covers 5 octaves, from G0 to F5. Once you tapped on a key you can see its note and pitch time.

If you are a learner, this app can help you with 4 quiz types including Random, Ascending, Descending and Chords for practicing. There are separate keys available for setting the bass and treble effects. Of course this kind of app needs a help section, which is available here in 3 different modes. You can also set colors as a hint for correct keys. One important feature in Note Goal Pro is the ability to show multiple notes, which is not available in most other piano apps.

note goal pro for iPad

You can set the note ranges easily from the sliders given. The app holds multiple user profiles, which lets you to share it to your friends and family easily. You can play this app and your achievements are shown in a table. Apart from all these interesting features the sound effects are crisp and very effective.

The developers of this app are in a full-fledge on it with regular updates making users to engage with it more. Here is video demo for the app to find how exactly this app works for music lovers.

For anyone who wants to play with a virtual piano, this app is the right choice. Note Goal Pro is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.6/5]

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