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My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad App Review – Keep Thinking of Your Granny

Have you ever tried any apps that can evoke your emotions? My Grandma Reads Me Books is such a brilliant application that can stir your emotional moods at least for some time. It creates the shadows of a good relationship between a kid and a grandma. I have never tried an app something like this before. Let me see what it’s all about.

my grandma reads me book app review

First thing the app is in a discount promotion stage right now. The price was $0.99 (last week), $1.99 now, $2.99 on next week and $3.99 finally! So if you are one who wants to download this app after reading this review, do it right now. This app won’t suite all of you, but the making and design made my thumbs up.

This app is the digital version of the popular picture book “My Grandma Reads Me Books”. On an iPad with a soulful music, this app can certainly create some impacts on your mind. On launching this app you can directly go to the book, paint a picture or can play a cool tilt game as well. The book is pretty decently organized with colorful oil paintings that give a great impact. The music behind is a good addition to the mood. You can read throughout the book with an intuitive interface and select any pages directly.


You can record your own voice to this app at any place. You can select a particular page, record your voice and save it inside. From the home screen you can play the recorded file by a single tap on the CD. Even though the app is under the Books category in the app store, this is mainly designed keeping kids in mind. There is a painting section also available inside the app, which makes the kids more engaged with it.

You can avail the pre-installed graphics inside the app and you are given with colored pencils and an eraser. Additionally you can play a simple tilt game as well.

On the whole, My Grandma Reads Me Books is a brilliantly made app for the iPad in terms of great design and intuitive interface. But the concept is very limited to kids, which may be a pull back. If you love your grandmother and wants to teach your kids about their granny in an emotional way, this is a good choice indeed.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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