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Musical Puzzle HD iPad App Review – Play and Learn Music Notes with Ease

Some apps can be useful for users on their regular activities, some may be entertaining and there are apps that can be used as educational tools; especially iPad apps helps students and teachers a lot in this regard. After the launch of smartphones and tablets, you can get almost everything as an app on it. Music, it is also not an exception here!

Here is an iPad app, Music Puzzle HD that can teach you music in an interesting way. The app is for teaching music, but the concept is with some thrilling Jigsaw puzzles! I am sure this app is a unique one from the App Store. It simply integrates the concept of puzzle gaming and musical notes into a perfect blend that can help kids and adults for an easy understanding of music notes.

musical puzzle app review

Music Puzzle loads a number of puzzles inside, which combines the tunes in it. The app is very well designed and the interface is intuitive. Tapping on an item will take you to the playing screen, which is very well made with the exact theme on what we have selected. Here you can see the jigsaw puzzle, scattered around the screen. On the top you have a space to arrange the pieces to create the exact tune. On taping a piece, you can hear what musical note it contains. You have to play one by one and remember those for an easier finish.

Once you get the starting tone, you have to drag that piece to assembling area. This keeps going and you have to assemble the appropriate tunes one by one and finally produce the exact tune at the end. There is an option to play/stop the assembled notes on top. You can play or stop the series anywhere in the stream. Once you are done with right assembling of the jigsaw’s you can play the entire tune. Your scores are displayed after assembling the right pieces, which shows you the time you taken to solve a puzzle.

musical puzzle for iPad

Musical Puzzle HD on your iPad is an intelligent mix of simple puzzle gaming and a good music learning tool. Here is a video demo for the app from the developers,

For someone who is getting exhausted with teaching musical notes to young children can definitely find this app as a great tool. On the negative part, the gameplay is not much interesting as the main theme of the app only focusing on learning the music notes. Musical Puzzle HD is available on the App Store for $1.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8]

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