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Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager iPad App Review


meeting+ for iPadOn that day when Apple has invented the iPad, many people believed it as an entertainment hub even though it has the potential as to be your personal assistant in many ways. Nowadays, people uses an iPad as a replacement of their personal notebooks, especially business people see it as their life companion!

Meeting+ for iPad is an awesome application for business people, which offers some wide range of enticing features. Are you someone who manages to control some people with you to accomplish a task? If yes, of course you will be the one who arranges some quick meetings to analyze the progress, give ideas to improve the work rate and quality and so on. No more worries if you are confused with large number of meetings, Meeting+ can be your assistant, which organizes all of your meetings easily and efficiently within your iPad!

To understand the full features of Meeting+ you need a thorough read across the user guide spotted on top right. The app has all the necessary information related to arrange a meeting that stars from even basics level to expert level agendas. With a right swipe you can see all the meetings you have created with the app and a ‘+’ buttons makes you create a new meeting. You can sort the created meeting by ascending/descending and search for one with a related keyword. A filter options let you find out meeting based on the status such as pending, discussing and so on.

Once you have created a new meeting you can simply add people corresponding to it from the iPad contacts or add a new one by just entering the details manually. You can create a group and assign the meeting, which is very helpful to manage with meetings with your regular team. The date and time of your meeting gets synced with the iPad calendar app and even the reminders so that you are not going to miss any of your future meetings.

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The thing I liked very much about the app is the well-organized bottom menu where you can easily get the access to all the factors in the meeting. Especially, the topics section is simply awesome where you can enter all the topics you need to discuss on the meeting and the app automatically tells you the exact time you started the topic and when it has been finished once you marked the topic as finished.

Another cool feature is the audio notes you can add to every meeting. It is easier to post links respective to the meeting, sort out all the action materials and finally the cost/benefit calculation of a meeting. You can simply share it via email, convert as PDF and go for a print. You can archive the meetings using iCloud, Dropbox or your iPad itself. There are still several features with this app, which I may be missed here. The only thing I have suffered from this app is the toughness in the UI as there are many things to look out and you miss some on the go.

Meeting+ is definitely a pro app that requires a good attention among the business people who used to gather for regular meetings. I am 1005 sure that you won’t be disappointed for your $7.99 with this amazing application!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.7/5]

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