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iPad App Review – Skillz for iPad

You can see a lot of games with different gameplay on the app store. Have you ever tried any game that comes with concept of music? Skillz for iPad is such a brilliantly made iPad app involves a simple and unique game environment.

Skillz for iPad app review

I don’t know why the name is Skillz for iPad for this app. This is a completely music and DJ’s app, which gives a real stage of rock music. On the iPad screen this app is a real pleasure to play around. The gaming concept is simple, but the design is the top pick in Skillz for iPad.

This app contains custom and carrier playing mode in the main menu. Playing the game is pretty simple if and only if when you look around the tutorial. You can explore the entire gaming easily from here and I would recommend a must look at this part. Once you choose a gaming mode you are asked to select a stage and a particular track you want to play with. These stages are very well designed and it gives an extremely true look of a real DJ’s party room. You have to choose your level of difficulty as well.

Skillz for iPad review

On the gaming screen you can watch out for a left deck, right deck, a center sampler to adjust the tracks, and also a cross fader. You can see various notes like scratch block, sample notes, rhythm notes, etc zooming in on the screen, which you need to track and mix on the right one. Moreover, this app contains 25 never-heard-before remixes of the hottest dance tracks from world-renowned artists including Diplo, Kid Cudi, Crookers, Fedde Le Grand and more. You have to play it wise and quick to gather all the noted to the respective decks. Initially it was a bit tough, but later I managed to play this long and made the crowd dance.

The more you score the more you can get fans. You have to make the crowd dance to clear the levels and unlock new levels. Skillz for iPad have a global leaderboard integrated with OpenFeint so that you can play this musical game with your friends. The app is also having an in-app purchase as well, which is the one in “Download” section in main menu.

With stunning, eye catching visual on an iPad, Skillz for iPad is such an awesome concept to play with. Definitely worth a try!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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