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iExplorer HD iPad app review – Connect your files on the go!

It was a tough task for many people to work with the stored files if they are out of their PC and in case of travelling. Nowadays technology has been improved; there are smartphones and tablets in the market, which can be your personal assistants on the go. With these kinds of devices, file sharing becomes the easiest task for anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad with them.

iExplorer HD for iPad is such a brilliant app that can make your document work even better on the go. Don’t worry about the huge list of files on your PC or notebook; with iExplores you can easily sync all the files from a remote machine, cloud services or even from the FTP servers to your iPad.

iexplorer hd for iPad

With iExplorer HD, you can easily manage/view files on your iPad or remote server (Windows sharing server/Cloud server/FTP server). The app prompts you to connect with the desired services initially to access the files. Tap on the plus symbol on top that allows you to add the desired services like a Windows network version, a cloud server or an FTP server.

The app displays all the connected services on the left and taping on them will sync the files accordingly. You can save the files to the local and after editing them you can easily upload them to the servers. Another cool feature is you can transfer the files easily via Bluetooth if you have more than one iOS devices. There are options to sort the files by Name/Size/Date/File Type.

You can search files easily using the search box given. The app doesn’t limit your access to only documents, but it can stream any audio/video files, images as well. Viewing images with this app is really cool, where you can smoothly scroll; zoom in/out of the pictures. If you want to watch any movies with subtitles; don’t worry, this app supports the file formats like ssa, ass and srt.

iexplorer review

You can personalize the settings of the app from the top right button. It allows you to set the slideshow timer according to your wish and personalize your organized files with few taps. You can clear the cache from the app to make it work more smoothly. On the whole the app delivers some cool features to manage the stores files, but it holds some problems too. The app is freezing at some stages and deletion of files is another problematic part.

If you want your files to be with you, anywhere and anytime, iExplorer HD is a must buy app from the App Store, which is available for $4.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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