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Ghostwriter Notes iPad App Review

Taking notes on an iPad is always a great feel, where it gives a real experience of what I am expecting from a physical note. Ghostwriter Notes for iPad is such a brilliant work from Majorspot.

Ghostwriter Notes for iPad

The app comes very handy on taking notes, which lets users to enjoy a feature-rich application for what they have paid. Ofcourse, this app would be very useful for school students, people who regularly attend meetings and so on. The fact is, I didn’t see much difference from original note taking comparing to this app.

You can either choose a stylus to use with this app or your fingertips. What I have liked the most on Ghostwriter is the real feel it gives while taking notes. You can customize your writing screen with various colors or images. You are given with various styles of pens, and you can choose your own ink to take notes.

You can see the note created and last updated time in the screen itself. Another cool feature is the sharing of notes via Email. You can mail a single page, more pages or the entire notepad too. The app contains a bookshelf which stores all the notes you have created. You can directly export a notepad into your photo album, dropbox or evernote.

There is no limitation on creating the notes so no need of worries for an in-app purchase later. You need to update the latest version of iOS to enjoy this app. Even you can just copy and paste images to your notes. The app is built with 16 inbuilt tools to use like in pens, pencils, etc. There is an undo/redo feature that allows users to correct if any mistakes made on the notes. This would be pretty handy for people who take some immediate notes on the go.

Ghostwriter Notes iPad App

Totally Ghostwriter Notes is a well designed, feature-rich iPad app for note taking. The app uses the full advantage over the iPad’s wide screen and that’s where the app delivers the realistic feel. I have tried lots of note taking apps, but Ghostwriter is something that can make its users to cheer a lot.

Ghostwrites Notes is available on the app store for $1.99

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