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Deluxe Moon HD Pro iPad app review – Comprehensive moon information on your iPad

There are very limited apps on the App Store that can be useful for astrologers, zodiac sign and horoscope analyzers. Here is a cool iPad app, Deluxe Moon HD Pro, which can be helpful for you. Deluxe Moon Pro HD Pro is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design.

Deluxe Moon HD Pro is an award winning app that got featured in Apple New & Noteworthy and App Rewind 2011 sections. The app combines traditional lunar themes comprising modern technology and intuitive design.

full moon hd pro app

On the main screen you can select the date either by swiping the moon or directly tapping on the date. You can see the moon parameters change as you change the dates. You can see the moon rise and moon set time as well as sun rise and sun set time on the main screen itself.

There is a moon calendar, which shows the moon phases and some other sun & moon parameters on the bottom panel. You can slide through this panel for more options. In fact, the app is something difficult to handle because I am not an expert on these kinds of things. There is a moon compass that shows Moon’s current azimuth. It shows the azimuth of moon rise and set, which is very helpful for photographers.

You can see the lunar and solar eclipse details with a simple tap on the top right of the screen. The zodiac circles are displayed when you rotate the circular panel until you see the animated zodiac icons. The app itself contains some pull down menus that comes with a lot of other features. There is no organized menu for all these, which may cause the user to miss some features.

deluxe moon hd for iOS

For example, you can just swipe down a menu from the small tab with a flower to the right. This is for some gardening advice based on the current moon phase and zodiac sign. There is an option to set the red light mode, which looks stunning on the iPad. There are lots of other features in this app, but I can’t write it completely because of the lack of knowledge on this topic.

This app is not for all, but for the people who are interested in deep astrology topics, Full Moon HD is a must one on your iPad. Full Moon HD is available on the App Store for $4.99, which is running on the offer price. Download the app before it goes to the original price $7.99!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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