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Daedalus Touch iPad App Review – A New Way of Text Editing

With a larger screen, iPad is a great device for many users offering a great way to manage most of the needs one can do by using a PC. There are some great apps available for the iPad, which makes it more than that of a PC or your notebook.

daedalus for iPad

Daedalus Touch is a great addition to your iPad, which manages your text works better. This app is a simple text editor on your iPad, but it shines because of the intuitive user interface and the simple design. If you are one who manages lots of text documents, then definitely this app can help you lot.

Daedalus Touch opens up with a great tutorial on how to manage the text documents. I would recommend running through this tutorial for an easy understanding of the entire app features. It contains four stacks of tutorial pages; each show five pages of information. You can easily add a page by clicking the plus button on top right.

You can simply use the gestures to open each stacks or do a double tap to unveil it. It is possible to create as many as stacks and pages using the app and you can get all under one main stack as well. Indeed, this kind of user interface makes this app more effective. You can simple navigate through the stacks and pages with genuine gestures. You can simply change the backdrop of the editing screen with variant colors that create a better experience of text editing.

Daedalus touch app review

You can do whatever you do with a normal text editor such as editing the texts with different fonts, sizes. There is an option to see the character/words count as well, which should be very useful for people who do more writing works. If you want to transfer your writing work to any other device it can be the easiest way with Daedalus Touch. You can simple use the export feature, or send it via email. Sadly if I am in need of my partially did work from my PC or laptop; there is no facilities to import those files to this app.

Daedalus Touch is available on the app store for $5.99, which is indeed a good price for such a brilliant application.

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