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BAM! Jr. iPad app review – Keep your kid engaged with BAM Jr.

Nowadays iPad is being a common educational tool for school kids. There are a lot of apps available for kids on the App Store, which offers different kind of facilities even for little kids upto grown children too. Here is another app for your kiddies to make them excited with some fun playing on the iPhone and iPad.

BAM! Jr is a funny game for your kids to make them some conscious movements by choosing the exact color they pick. Even though the game is completely designed for kids, as a grown-up man I have enjoyed playing with this for a while!

bam jr for iPad

BAM! Jr is a universal app both designed for the iPhone and iPad. I have tried the app on both, but it was more interesting to play it on the bigger screen of an iPad. The concept behind the app is very simple. There are 8 objects with different colors on the initial screen. So the app is playable with minimum of 2 to maximum of 8 kids.

Each participant must choose an object with a simple tap on them. All the objects have their own funny sounds, which make the kids addictive to the game. Once all picked a color for them, you can start the game by simply clicking on the go button.

On the playing screen the images starts changing  one by one where each of the player has to remind the exact color and object they have picked initially and tap on it on the moving screen when it appears. The gameplay and sounds are very well executed that perfectly fits to a kid. The game gets the momentum after finishing each round that allows the images move faster to make the kids active on the game.

bam jr for ipad

If anyone fails to choose the right image, he/she has to leave the game. Finally, the one survives eliminating all the others can win the match. You can see the scoreboard once the game is over, which shows the maximum number of rounds you have played.

The app has some loopholes on the very average design. But on the whole BAM! Jr is a cool game for your kids and make them involved it when you find it hard to monitor them. BAM! Jr is available on the App Store for just $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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