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Ariau Amazon Towers iPad app review – Get the thrill of Amazon

Books and images are something that can reveal the realistic feel of a place. We may not visit the place, but some quality content and stunning visuals can drive you to the original feel of being there. If you are someone who missed the wildlife in Amazon rainforest, here is a good chance for you!

This app is the digital form of the book “Amazon Emotions” written by Francisco Ritta Bernardino and photographed by Leonide Principe. This app would be very handy for travelers and adventure riders who want a sneak preview about the dark Amazon rainforest.

ariau amazon towers for iPhone

It is available on nine languages overall. It includes English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and some more. Sadly the app is just a demo contains only six pages and if you want to read the full book, you have to buy the full version spending $4.99. The app looks promising with its interface and design on an iPad. But, in an iPhone or iPod Touch, the app looks horrible indeed!

Once you launch the app, you can read the demo of this book from the bottom menu. You can also watch out for a small video featuring the Amazon rainforest slideshows with some stunning photographs. You can easily share the app to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and Email.

ariau amazon towers for iPadFrom what I have seen, the app is quite well designed with real photographs and the description of Amazon rainforest. The images are very clear and give the user an enticing feel of being in the Amazon. The app may not fit all users, but it would be a good choice for one who likes travel and adventure spots like Amazon.

Obviously a user will think twice before they buy an in-app purchase costs $4.99. So it would be great if the developers come up with some more pages on the book apart from the introduction, which guides the user for the pro version. In fact, from a free version you can’t expect more than this. Go for Ariau Amazon Towers for a thrill ride in Amazon!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.6/5]

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