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XNSPY – A Mobile Spy App for Your Rebellious Kids

Substance use, slammed doors, falling grades, eye-rolling, etc. are something you must have experienced as a parent to a rebellious kid. This is a stressed-out journey in which the parents often have to deal with the kid’s tantrums as well. Most of them are clueless in terms of handling a disrespectful kid. Some would blame it on the bad company while others may curse the tech gadgets, especially the smartphones for ruining their relationship with kids.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, mobile spy app can help you tackle your defiant ones. This is the best way to know everything about your kids so that you can protect them from all social and cyber evils.

There is a popular saying, “Mother knows best”. This is literally true for all those moms using surveillance apps to keep control over their mischievous offspring. Mobile spy app such as XNSPY is an answer for parents who want to know each and everything about their kids’ activities.

XNSPY for Android

XNSPY is a powerful tool for monitoring your kids, both teens and tweens. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. In case of iPhones, the app works on all Jailbreak and Non-jailbreak phones, depending on which program the parents use to monitor their kids. It also works in stealth mode which is the main attraction for potential users as they mostly look for spy apps that work discreetly, without letting the children know that they are being spied on. Physical installation on the target phone is mandatory when installing this app and it requires about 3-5minutes for the whole process till you can begin spying. There is a Live Demo offered at the website for the novice.

You can be your own James Bond by remotely monitoring your kid’s smartphone. The data can be accessed through the web-based control panel on your device which you can view at any time. There are a number of features available at XNSPY that enhance the functioning of the spy app. Whether your child is at home, near you, or away on a school trip or at a friend’s place for a sleepover, you can learn about their activity with a single tap on your phone.

You can view their call log and determine the number of incoming/outgoing calls along with other details. Since kids mostly use texts and chats to communicate with each other, you can view all the text messages and IM chats, taken place on different platforms including WhatsApp, Skype, iMessages, Viber, etc. When tracing your kid’s activities on IM chats, you can also monitor the multimedia messages such as photos, videos, or voice recordings shared on such platforms. The messages that are deleted by the kids can also be viewed by the parents. If you have doubts about any caller or any certain message, you can watch-list that caller or some words so that whenever there are calls or messages from that specific caller about an inappropriate topic, you will instantly receive alerts on your phone.


Moreover, to keep a tab on your kids’ whereabouts, you can know their exact address through GPS tracking. This provides an accurate and real-time location of your target. You can also create a virtual barricade for your kid through geo-fencing by marking certain places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. If your kid enters an unapproved place or exceeds his territorial limit, you will be notified through alerts on your phone. You can then verify from your kid to know whether he is lying to you or not.

XNSPY is not just an app, it’s a service to empower parents. With cybercrimes being rampant these days, you can keep a check on your kid and dig out his smartphone to see whether he has been accessing explicit content online, or if some online predator is threatening your kid over some nudes or videos. The world is indeed a dangerous place for kids so mobile spy app like XNSPY is a parental monitoring app that can best keep a track of their activities and help keep your sanity intact when handling the rebellious kids.


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Very useful for the busy moms out there!

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