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Weather Services PRO Android app review

Android is a great platform that supports a lot of customizable widgets and themes rather any other mobile operating systems. Especially, weather widgets for Android are one of my any time favorites in my Android device. Getting noticed about all the weather forecasts on your home screen is really a good feel if you are using a smartphone.

Weather Services PRO is such a brilliant application for Android devices that come with loads of enticing features. The developers of this app must be shown their best efforts to develop this app as it has a lot to offer for the users. You have the options to set up the app at the initial launch or you can set it back later from the Settings menu.

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Once the setup has been done, you can choose a perfect theme for your theme that loads with all the information. Sadly, the app has only three themes to offer at the moment. The sliding enabled theme displays the time and date right on the top along with the important weather information in the home screen itself. More importantly the app has the feature to display the current weather in the notification bar as well!

You can just scroll through various options where the app displays future forecasting measures, graphical representation of temperature, humidity and precipitation for next 5 days. You can setup the update timing from the settings and change the entire settings as you wish to display on the widget. The app works in the background as you can just switch back to any applications after enabling the widget.

Weather Services PRO has a decent menu where you can see all the charts independent of the home screen. To check the real weather conditions, the app has real live webcams placed on important places. The map option sets the view of your location in the map along with the real-time weather forecasting.

On the falling side, the app has to manually stop working or exit from it. Even though the app is draining less amount of battery, it is a must thing for a user to stop the unwanted widget in low battery situations. It is really a tough task to mention each and every feature of the app inside a single review! Weather Services PRO is a brilliant effort from the makers and offers one of the best weather forecasting services in your Android device.

You can download the app for $3.99 from the Google Play and if you wish to try some sample there is a FREE version as well.

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