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Ultimate Shopping List Android app review – Never miss an item on your next shopping

Listen housewives and shopping junkies! Are you someone who owns an Android smartphone? If yes, never miss the app Ultimate Shopping List on your next shopping plan. Replace those tiresome paper lists and download this application for the easiest way of shopping you ever experience.

Ultimate Shopping List is developed by Custom Mobile Apps Australia. The app is really helpful for anyone who goes for shopping, create a list, add the necessary items on the list, and make it as purchased with date and time specified. You can create more than one list using this app that allows a user shopping more easily.

ultimate shopping app reviewIf you are a new user the application asks you to create new list by sampling taping on the ‘Add New List’ button. The added lists are placed in the home screen, which can be edited or deleted as you wish. Once you enter the list name, you can add items to the list you planned buying. The app by default provides a list of items to choose from. If the item is not in the list, you can add your own. Once you added all the items, simply tap on the save button to save your shopping list.

Once you started shopping, simply go to the list and mark the items as purchased by swiping left to right on each items. I liked this feature as it makes easier to keep track of all the items and make shopping easier as we never expect. You can keep the list to compare the items and the numbers with the new one for the next shopping.

There are options to edit/delete the lists already created. The user interface and design are very simple and intuitive. Forget about scribbling through the writing pads, this one is really helpful to eliminate the regular paper works while you start your shopping.

Ultimate Shopping List is a great app on your Android that you don’t want to miss out. Download Ultimate Shopping List and never miss any items on your next shopping.

Download Ultimate Shopping List from the Google Play Store for just $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]


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