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RoundHive Android App Review

In social media marketing, the main concern of most users is the privacy and ability to control the information shared which is what the RoundHive Android App has excelled. With version 1.2 compatible with all devices, the level of privacy included makes this the best app available in the market. RoundHive Android App is also easy to use and gives the user the freedom to control the marketing information that they would like to access. Therefore, when using the RoundHive Android App one is able to vote down any posts they find objectionable while also controlling the post feed to meet their material selection criteria. To reach a wide audience at ease, RoundHive Android App groups information according to topics and content.

RoundHive comes with a variety of features that contribute to its uniqueness and reliability as an ideal social media marketing tool. For interaction with other users and connection with the entire market, My-Hive module gives the users an opportunity to create personalized profiles, upload pictures and exchange messages with other members forming a wide social media marketing network that is ideal for business. Within the different post modules, a user is free to create posts of message or pictures and interact with the other users under the comments sections in responding to their reactions, ratings and emoticons.

RoundHive for Android

With the RH gallery, a collection of images is readily available to be inserted in posts or sent directly other users.The marketing information available in the RoundHive Android App is also selected directly by the users which enable them to pick only what is relevant and saves them time from sorting through meaningless posts saving on time and improving on the objectivity. For reliability and efficiency, RoundHive Android App also allows the user to represents all items in a physical wallet in a single software engine using the same data elements. With the RoundHive address book, users categorize their contacts and can contact them directly from the app which improves communication.

RoundHive Android app

Sensitive information like financial information and other personal details required by RoundHive Android App are protected by tough encryption and subjective authentication requirements that keeps them away from hackers and other untrustworthy individuals. All the data is private hence no data mining or collection or exploitation of personal information for any financial purposes like most organizations do in social media marketing’s. RoundHive Android App ensures the quality of content by making sure that there is no interference with the content through right or left controls or any annoying pushed-in advertising in the form of pop-ups or other alerts that annoy users.

RoundHive Android App makes social media marketing fun and interesting by incorporating a variety of items including retailers’ information making it easier to get in contact with many of them at once. For events, tickets, flyers and coupons, RoundHive Android App downloads them automatically and deletes them once they reach the expiration dates. There is also a QR code that scans Bar Codes and displays all the pages of internet addresses scanned.

  • Design3.5
  • User Interface4.0
  • Concept4.5
  • Overall4.0

RoundHive shines especially for marketers!

4.0Overall Score

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