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Quick Review – Pharmacy CI Android App

Pharmacy CI is a mobile application that allows you to have the list of pharmacies on duty in Côte d’Ivoire. The app is a central hub for many medicines and drugs in and around Côte d’Ivoire.

Pharamcy CI Android app
Drug Store in Cost Guard Ivory


It is pre-loaded with some great features such as,

  • List of pharmacies on duty
  • Price of drugs and vouchers
  • Insurance and mutual accepted in pharmacy
  • Geo-location of pharmacies on duty and positioning on Google Maps
  • Intelligent update of the list of pharmacies on duty

The app has a unique feature of accessing the list of pharmacies even if you are not connected to the internet! Built with easy to use interface, the app is very easy to use even for a novice user with simple taps to point out the drug stores in and around.

The application that saves your life!

  • Design3.5
  • User Interface4.0
  • Concept4.0
  • Overall3.8

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