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Pulse Android App Review-A Handy News Reader on Your Android

Do you often read articles from your favorite blogs, news sites etc? Difficult to handle all of them in your mobile? Here is the app Pulse for Android makes you to organize all your RSS subscriptions in an easy and efficient way.

Pulse News Reader For AndroidSo what does Pulse do is simple where you can enter your favorite blog feed url to get the latest news directly to the app in a pretty decently organized way. When you launch the app there is an option on top left where you can add the feeds. There are other ways to do this like a + button or by the menu option. So once you did any of the above, by default the app loads the featured RSS feeds. You can search for the feed url as per your needs (which I feel pretty handy), browse according the categories like gaming, music etc.

And here is another awesome feature of this app, you can just transfer all your Google Reader feeds by a single tap. The Google Reader option lets you to login the respective account and that’s it, the app fetches the feeds urls so that you can simple add them to Pulse. There is another great function in the app to share your feed sources to other mobile! “Bump” feature allows you to connect your mobile with another device and share!

Also you can change the font size, refresh interval, send feedbacks to the developers by checking the menu. Overall I liked this app very much and stays on Android device for long! You can avail Pulse from the Android market without spending a buck or by scanning the below QR code.

QR code for Pulse news reader

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