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Pain Easer – Acupressure Android App Review

Pain Easer for Android is a medical app based on the Acupressure method, which can tell you tips to manage various diseases. It is always a great thing to keep a medical advisor when you have all in your smartphone. The developers of pain Easer have tried something for this, but I think they are not fully succeeded to make it.

First thing that made me wonder about the app is it asks my location and mobile number to store on the database. I was curious why it is required for a medical app? Once you are given, you are asked to fill out a form, which asks a nick name, gender, date/time and birth location.

pain easer for android

Once you are done with filling the above information, the app shows some images when you tap gets bigger in size. You can see a bunch of pictures that show the kind of diseases you have. For example, if you choose leg pain, you can watch out the particular Acupressure method demo to get relieved from the disease.

The horrible thing I have noticed about the app is it shows the same demo for all the diseases I choose! If it is a back pain, sinus or whatever it is; the app gets only one relieving method for all. If this is happening for all, this app is really of no use! After watching the demo thoroughly, you can tap on the tick mark on top right, which shows the feedback page. You can send the results you got to the developers. Also, there is an option to invite your friends to this app.

pain easer

This app can be really very helpful for people who suffer from several diseases if all works fine. There are major drawbacks throughout this app, which needs developers attention immediately. Overall the concept behind the app is very good and useful for users, but the execution lacks a lot indeed! This is a free app from the Android market, which needs Android 2.1 or above.

Here is a quick demo video of the app,

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][2.5/5]

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