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Note Anytime Android App Review


note anytime iconNote Anytime is an excellent note taking app that really goes well above and beyond any of the other apps like this out there.  Available for any android, windows or iOS platform this versatile app can be used all alone or you can share your work with others on other devices or through social networks.  While there many similar apps on the market which make it quick and easy to take notes on your mobile device, this one offers some interesting features which help to set it apart.

When using Note Anytime you can either write out simple notes using your finger or stylus pen, or you can type out a note.  This can be done and saved in just seconds which makes it a great way to jot down that idea that comes to you while waiting in line for coffee or groceries.  Once you have a minutes, however, you can really flesh out the idea to include images, animation and more to capture the full idea quickly and easily.

You can use a variety of different types of ‘pens’ and ‘paper’ to give your note a personal touch.  You can quickly change the color of the ink you’re using, or switch to a thicker or thinner pen depending on what needs you have.  You can even have the app help improve your penmanship by using the calligraphy pens which will smooth out your writing to give you a fancy finish on your notes.

You can use just about any sized paper from something the size of a post-it note to a large white board.  Using simple to control zoom features you can zoom in on an area to add details or zoom way out to write large headings.  Once you’ve completed the note you can save it on your mobile device for later viewing, export it as a PDF to email or share with friends or co-workers or even post it to someone through Facebook or other social networks.

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This app will appeal to a wide range of different types of people.  Some users will just want a great note taking app which they can use for grocery lists, to jot down creative ideas or just to doodle.  Others will use this to collaborate on projects for work or school using great formatting tools to create incredible results which normally can’t be done on a mobile device like this.  Most people, however, will most likely fall somewhere in between.  Using many of the great features to take personal notes and others to share ideas or comments with friends.

The bottom line is this app is perfect for anyone from the casual user to the professional.  It has far more features than similar apps on the market today and it runs much smoother as well.  Fast loading, quick response to taking notes and changing features and an overall very positive look and feel to it.  This app is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have the ability to take notes on their mobile device.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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