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Meal Planner: Your Personal Meal Planner

A woman is in-charge of the health of the family members. She has to plan the meals as per the nutritional requirements of the members. This is where she finds herself stuck most of the times. Varying tastes, varying requirements – it’s nothing short of a minefield. She has to balance everything. Undoubtedly it is difficult. Still many women brave it with a big smile on their faces.

But deep down if you ask any woman what she dislikes the most about her life as the female head of the family; you will get the same answer. It is planning meals and satisfying everyone’s palette. Meal planning is the most arduous job for any woman. She often aspires for assistance in planning the meals especially when the diet and eating habits of the family members differ.

This problem has been simplified by an app Meal Planner. It is developed by AppHeos, an app development company. This app promises to make the monotonous arduous task of meal planning simple and interesting. The app is an amazing tool that plays the role of a perfect meal planner often playing the role of both a dietician and a nutritionist.meals planner for android

The amazingly amazing features of Meals Planner:

  • Pre-loaded dishes: 500+ dishes from around the world. It includes popular Indian cuisines like Punjabi, Guajarati, South Indian, Rajasthan in addition to cuisines from around the world like Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and many more.
  • Dishes are organized into cuisines. This helps users to locate the dish easily in the meal planner.
  • My Dishes: User can add his/her dishes and mark “favorite” for easy access.
  • Share the plan: It allows sharing the meal plan through facebook, E-mail, WhatsApp, and SMS to help your friends and family
  • It helps averting making nutritionally imbalanced food and repeating
  • Meal planner: helps in preparing daily or weekly meal plan easily

A woman can truly be at peace with herself after having this app as there will be no need to spend hours thinking about the meal.

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