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Lectures Scanner Android App Review

Nowadays, smartphones are used almost in every area, used by even small kids to busy business people. There are a lot of good apps in the Google Play that offers bunch of features for students thereby giving them a nice way to make their educational system digitalized.

Lectures Scanner is a good application for students to make all their lecture notes, documents or any kind of file in the digital format. Developed by Stiok, Lectures Scanner offers a wide range of features for a student to make their education system to the recent trends. All that you need is an Android smartphone and a free download of this app makes it simpler as you never imagine.

lectures scanner review for Android

Lectures Scanner is your camera based application that opens up your device camera and scans any written documents and stores it in your device. It is a clear-cut solution for today’s students. Once you open the app, you have the option to scan the document using your camera or directly import images from Bluetooth, file manager or else from your gallery.  The home screen also has the settings option to adjust the camera and lighting. The scanned documents are stored in the My Documents section in the home screen itself.

Once you scan the documents, you can set various preset options such as low light shot, business cards, receipt and a lot more. The app has three processing profiles such as blackboard, white board and no enhancement mode. The app also has some in-app purchases that allow you share the scanned document via various social networks, email, etc. It doesn’t end here; there are some image editing options as well. If you can pay some bucks, you can simply adjust the image color combinations, brightness and saturation and more image editing features as well.

lectures scanner for students

Lectures Scanner has wide range of features. It allows students to add signatures and handwritten notes to the documents and save documents to USB flash drives. Apart from some time passing games, there are some useful apps also available in the market. Of course, Lectures Scanner proves that it comes under this category by giving a student great relief from tiresome papers and Xerox works!

Lectures Scanner is available on the Google Play for free!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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