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Learn English Reading JFK Android App Review

Learning English language is something tough for people who are not actually in touch with it. There are lots of dictionaries available to learn the language effectively; there are famous books which can do things properly. So here is something that students and English learners can make use of to some extent.

I found the app is named learn English reading JFK in the Android store, but karaoke for English in a part of its description part. And I am still surprised by the developer’s effort to do this even though there are better ways to learn English! Anyhow, let me tell what this stuff contains exactly.

Learn English JFK for Android

I am going the description’s way as Karaoke 4 English is just a simple app that contains JFK’s inaugural speech as its content.  It’s divided into two parts each one have approximately eight to 10 pages. There is play button on the top which lets you to hear the audio of the inaugural speech clearly. It was really perfect with the audio synced with the word highlighting the speech. If you are in any doubts with a particular word you can suddenly tap on it and save it for the exercise session.

You will be asked to choose the language initially and you can see the translated word as well while the speech goes on. It looks pretty limited content from the app as the Language goes widely big this is not going to give a good deal. This may be little easier for you to just listen on the go and learn! For the exercise part it needs some collection of words to be saved sp you cannot get into this initially with fewer number of words.

We have tested the app in an HTC Evo first, but sadly the app kept crashing! Our next try was on the Motorola Milestone XT720, Droid and on the Samsung Galaxy. The app worked pretty fine all on the above devices. So overall the app is missing something in term of its content, design, etc. But the audio part and the multi-language translations were really good to learn the language effectively.

The app is free of cost and you can download the app via Android market.

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