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Kindle For Android V2.0 Live In The Market

Amazon comes up with its latest Android update, Kindle version 2.0.0. The app comes up with collection of books which is synced from the incorporated Amazon Kindle’s online store.

Kindle comes for free In the Android market with lots of features. Perhaps the app comes with minimal books in numbers it lets the user to go for in app purchase from the Kindle store. Let’s have a deep look into the app.

The first tap lets the user to a login page where we need to register the device with Amazon account or to create one and register our device. Once done the app syncs and displays the available books. The menu gives options to check out the archived items, sort the books by most recent, title and author. There is an option to sync the store for any new arrivals. The Kindle store is there where you can see a sea of books in vivid categories, newspapers, magazines and you need to buy here to get a copy. Finally a more option to remove books, change the view, a search option etc. Inside the settings we can assign volume and deregister the device.

Here comes the best part, when we click on a book displays it with sharp effective fonts and colors. It’s pleasure to read the contents inside the app. The app comes with options to change the font, brightness and color (“sepia” looks very cool). There is a “go to” option for navigating to different pages inside the book. The other important notes are bookmark and sharing options.

One point I have noted is there is no page numbers inside the book, so when you leave a page you need to remember the location from the go to option then looking in which page you are. But it’s not a big problem since the bookmark option marks the page location so that we can easily jump to the pages.

Kindle for Android comes up with lots of options and it’s pretty nice to use on your Android powered device. It’s a good just in time festival gift from Amazon for the Android users.

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