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Kick to Name Android app review – Digitize your naming ceremonies with Kick to Name

Google Play is improving a lot giving a better competition to Apple App Store in terms of the number of apps. Nowadays, there are more apps popping up on Google Play with a big price difference, especially in terms of free apps compared with iPhone apps. Here is yet another addition to the Google Play apps; Kick to Name for Android!

Kick to Name is an Android app that lets your baby to be kick to choose their own name! This is a kind of app, which allows your kid to choose his/her name by a simple kick on the app. This is a funny and unique thought indeed! I did see many parents searching a proper name to their kids very hard through internet, via their friends and relatives. This app makes their entire job done with ease!

kick to name app for android

The concept and design behind this app is very simple. It contains thousands of names separated for boys and girls. You can check out these names by tapping on the ‘list’ tab given. You can either select a boy’s name or a girl’s name from here that are separated using blue and pink buttons respectively.

The names are listed alphabetically and you can filter the names by giving it in the search box given. If you want to add any names to the list just type the same in the box and tap on ‘add name’. You can simply tap on any names you like, which will automatically added to your favorites section.

kick to name review for android

Finally comes the funny part of the app, ‘Kick’. This is where you need to place your baby’s foot on the app to name them. If you have some selections, add the names to the favorites and tap on the ‘kick’ tab. Tap your baby’s feet on the screen after selecting the ‘kick’ option, selects a random name from the entire list of names or from your favorites.

Totally it is a funny and unique concept that can be remembered forever on your life as a parent. Give your child a chance to name himself/herself by downloading Kick to Name free from the Google Play Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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