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Image Shrink Lite (Resizer) Android App Review

image shrink liteRecent days, smartphones are meant to build with more entertaining features rather than just a phone that makes calls. As people are storing more multimedia content on their smartphones, memory is becoming a more concerning issue. Many smartphone makers are concentrating on the unibody design that resulted in non-expandable memory. Image Shrink lite is an apt application for your Android smartphones if you are suffered a lot with memory issues.

Image Shrink lite is developed by Olive Labs that turns your image in any size as you wish. No matter if you are transferring an HD image from your DSLR or share a high sized image to Facebook, Image Shrink Lite makes the task easy by resizing your image to any size of your desire.

You can just setup the settings inside the app like the image size, quality and even assign the GPS tag, date and time. Once you are done you can choose any picture from the device gallery and tap on the share button that opens the image with Image Shrink Lite and resize it without any hassles. This is very useful if you have a big image while sending through email, sharing through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For me this app helped me a lot when sharing the images in Instagram as I do share high quality images frequently.

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If you are worried about your smartphone memory management especially with loads of images in your gallery, Image Shrink Lite can be very effective to take things in control. Resized images are stored in your SD card as a separate folder.

Features of Image Shrink Lite:

* Automatic rotation according to Exif tag
* Keep Exif tags of original photos
* Keep GPS data of original photos
* Custom size
* Recently used apps on the top of the list
* One click deletion of resized photos created before

On the downside the UI is very basic and not attractive. The app is a useful tool, but needs several tweaks in the designing part! Image Shrink Lite is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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