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Icy Joe Free Android app review – Fun and addiction on your Android

Have you tried the video game “Ice Climber” in your olden days? I hope still many people used to play that game on their PC or as a video game. I am a big fan of this game and played this regularly years before where there were no iPhone or any tablets. It was one of the favorite games of mine when the technologies were just growing up.

Here is a similar kind of app called Icy Joe on your Android. It comes to my hand right on time when I have started forgetting the older Ice Climber, but gives the exact fun I had with it. Now I am able to play this funny game even on the move! Icy Joe is a nice game for your Android with some fun action sequences to destroy the enemies.

icy joe free review for android

Icy Joe has over 50 unique levels in it all comes with some exciting graphics and funny gameplay. You are trapped in an ice cave where you need to escape from it surviving all the enemies and breaking the ice walls. The game has some easy to use controls such as easy taps on left, right and tilt to move.

You are given with a hammer to break the ice walls and jump over and over to reach the next levels. You can see various enemies coming on your way, which needs to be thrashed using the hammer. You can move Joe simply by tilting your device left and right. Press left to kill the enemies and right to jump up.

icy joe review for Android

To bounce Joe, you can press the right button while sliding. In some cases you have to move the obstacle from your way. For this you have to just tap on the left and tilt to move the block. The game goes funny with some nice funny characters and BGM throughout. There are lots of achievements to unlock on your way and you can take the superpowers to fly through the walls for some time.

The app may be repetitive for some users, but it can make you addicted if you love some funny games on your Android. Apart from all these, Icy Joe is completely free from the Google Play Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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