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Hooopla Android App Review – A Nearby Event Finder

Is it a good thing if you are noticed anything that happens around you right on your Android device? Hoopla for Android is such an application which is shaped very basically.

hooopla android app review

Digging into Hoopla is pretty simple where the initial screen itself lists all the new events around you. You can change the news feed radius by tapping the menu button. By default it is worldwide and you can choose from the various options given or customize your own.

You can simply add an event on top of the screen by typing the event name and tapping on the + button. It will take you to give the details about the event which is an optional one. Once you have completed this you have to set the location of the event. There are options to set the current spot, or giving by the area name or selecting from the map.

Once you are done with the event you can just invite your friends, share it via Twitter, Facebook or email. Once all set the new event comes on top of the all events and tapping on it tells the details, gives you the directions to attend, even you can ask a question about it which can be answered by any of the attendees. But there is no delete event option once you have created which is really a negative thing.

In fact there is no information on the new attendees apart from the numbers. You can see the latest or oldest events by tapping the newer or older buttons. So overall the idea is pretty good but it is executed very basically. It may be really funny if you have a group of pals with this app and creating events like weekend parties, sharing the details within it, asking questions etc. But keep in mind there is no privacy also so whatever you do that is for all the Hoopla users!

hooopla android app review

Hoopla is available in the Android market for FREE of cost and you can just give a try by scanning the below QR code.

hoopla on android


  1. Does this app help in knowing the events happening in the surroundings? And does it connnect to more than a site while looking for such events?


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