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‘Grubble – The Puzzle Quiz’ Android app review

Grubble is a simple Android game that allows you play with some random questions based on your choice on the go! The app is not a complete game, but a quiz app with basic interfaces and design.

Once you open the app, it shows some categories to select that contain collection of questions on respective topics. It has a lot of collection such as Brands, Entertainment, Geography and more. You have to choose your language from the available list so that the questions can match what you choose exactly. The app supports many languages such as English, Deutsch, Dansk and more. In fact, it supports various vocals of English as well!

grubble quiz game

Each category has some sub categories to choose. Once you done with choosing your topic you are all set to go. On the playing screen characters are mixed up and shown on separate boxes. You have to drag and drop them to form the exact word to win each question.

When you are struggling with some tough questions, you can watch out for the clues available on the bottom left. Simply tap on the bulbs, which show some hints on what is the particular word about. You are only allowed to use three clues and not all in one question itself. If you choose one clue, you can’t go for the next one on the same query.

grubble app for android

The app is integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that allows users to post the question on the respective social media channels and get the answers from their friends! The app is built with very basic graphics so that it is something not attractive on the first look. As it comes for free of cost, ads are present on the playing screen.

The positive thing is the app has a huge amount of questions on various topics that can really help you in knowledge gaining. There is no way for multiplayer gaming, which is a real miss on this kind of apps. If are someone who likes quizzes, Grubble can be a try on the go!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.2/5]

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