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Great Slot Machines Android App Review

Casino Games are certain category in the Google Play Store that always some demand especially between the online casino players. There are no real money and struggle, but these games deliver a real-time casino environment to the players right on their device.

Great Slot Machines for Android is developed by Great Apps Ltd is such a nice casino game that outshines some of their competitors with a bunch of cool features. The real advantage of this app is that it gives players daily bonus game modes as free!

great slot machines review for Android

The interface and background sounds are good enough to provide a real feel of casino while playing the game. I don’t have much experience in playing such games and I struggled a bit with this one initially. Your each moves reduces the total money you have in your account. If you have not enough money on your wallet, you can go for the in-app purchases by tapping on the ‘Buy’ option on top right. The game has an intuitive user interface and controls are placed colorfully on the bottom of the game screen.

Once you are started you can simply select the game type such as pay table, line or bet and tap on the start button. You can watch out for the scores you get and the total money you have from the gaming screen itself. The squares are shuffled randomly by the system and if it matches your betting criteria you are allowed to grab the money. In fact, the game is all based on your luck and no works for your brain.

The shuffling pattern and sounds are really enticing to play with. Once you unlock a mode, you are allowed to attempt the second one and so on. You can get your daily bonus from the home screen with a single tap. Initially the game gives you $500 for free as a bonus! Of course, you should be always connected to any data connection to play this app.

On the whole, Great Slot Machines has all the potential for a nice casino app. It is available on the Google Play Store for free!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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