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Fun Football Euro 2012 Android App Review

For game lovers, this is the time for some soccer games where Euro 2012 has just kicked off a few days before. Fun Football – Euro 2012 is a nice game developed by UBJ3D right in time when the real players are rocking the screens!

Of course, this is a soccer game with some nice graphics for your Android devices. The controls are very simple to play and the game is something that can make you addicted on this season if you are away from the real EURO 2012 matches. There are a lot of bugs inside, but overall the quality of the game is good.

fun football euro 2012 reviewYou can experience a real play of EURO 2012 on your Android using this game. You can choose the team you represent and select the opponent team that would be controlled by the system. You can only play friendly matches with the free version and if you go for the pro version, you can participate in the tournament as well.

I would recommend going for the help section before you start playing the game. Thanks to the developers for providing with us a promo code to unlock the tournament part from the settings option. The game comes with three levels to play such as easy, normal and finally hard. There are also provisions available to set up the game timing and the weather conditions.

The gameplay seems to be interesting where you need to tap on the player who has the ball and stretch the circle back to position the arrow and make the shot. For longer shots you need to stretch the circle deeper. You can simply dribble with the ball if you pass it with your teammates.

fun football review for AndroidThere are some serious bugs with the app on the user interface part. The ‘continue’ or exit game part while pressing the back button while playing is not properly displayed on the screen and it is completely overlapped. The sound seems to be very good and realistic at some part, but looses the clarity at some areas. Another one is when you stretch to kick the ball on the borders of the ground, the game freezes and gets back once we press the back button and continue again.

I hope the developers will take care of such things because on all other parts the game is really brilliantly made. Fun Football – EURO 2012 is a nice game that comes for free of cost on the Google Play. This could be the best if you want the EURO actions right on your Droid!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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