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File Expert – File Manager – A Powerhouse of Compact and Effective File Manipulation

The world of the IT is constantly changing but there are a few things that remain the same. Among them, file sharing and the need for good apps and software packages that can achieve this is one of the most important ones. Today, with mobile devices which utilize a range of memory alternatives which include local discs, SD card, and cloud services, the same need is even more enforced. Luckily, there is an app that provides a one-stop-shop for all file management needs and it comes in the form of File Expert – File Manager.

This app is designed for the Android devices and can be found on the Google Play where it can be downloaded for free. Essentially, it brings the PC/Mac level of file manipulation to mobile devices and does this in an elegant, fast and safe manner. As a file management platform, it can access and manipulate data on a range of location, from physical ones to LAN networks and OTG and cloud storage. It employs the standard tree hierarchy, which is a very welcomed change for any mobile app and can act as both manager and explorer.

The app comes with a mighty range of features. Firstly, File Expert works with multiple tabs which are used to change between folders, following all the regular options of copy, delete, move and rename. It can work with batches of files and single files equally well and users can employ tap lengths for different purposes. With the recovery bin, every deleted file can be recovered and the details feature will present all relevant info about any particular file. When it comes to its online storage options, the app works with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex, and Box effortlessly, along with providing the GCloud feature. With it, signed up users get 10T of online storage, along with PC access through a browser.

But the list goes on. The app has an embedded FTP server, decompression and compression mechanism, a video player and Chromecast support, TXT editor and secure transport of files using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For a maximal level of comfort, it provides the users with the ability to set an app lock, while it also animates file manipulation operations and shows thumbnail images of photos, videos, music and much more. This way, no one will be confused by any operation or option provided by the File Expert manager. As a matter of fact, this wide-ranging usability is one of the reasons why the app is justifiably so popular among many different types of users, while at the same time it is available in 20 different languages.

Thanks to a very diverse approach to effective features and an excellent core file manager, this app created a truly stunning selection of possibilities which all mobile device users will find useful. Because of this, File Expert – File Manager can easily be called one of the most versatile file managers on the market.

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