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Familoop Parental Control – A Digital Spy for a Concerned Parent!

Smartphones are one of the top addictive gadgets around the world now. Children, parents, and even toddlers are using it on a day-to-day basis – searching the web, playing games, learning interactive educational games, social media, and that list goes on to the sky! If you are a parent and if you are worried about your children’s activities in their smartphone – Familoop is something definitely made for you!

The very first thing I liked about the app is its icon and the colour mixture in UI. It is something provoking to use it again and again – good job! It starts with a tutorial on how to use it and effectively track the activities of your child, once it is installed on their smartphone. Just signup with it and activate your account – there you start working as a detective!

Note it first that you need to install this app on your kid’s smartphone and there is no need to install the same on your device. You can simply add the child profile into it and do the administrator setup in Android to make sure that your child cannot delete the application and break the guarding rules of Familloop. You should also need to enable the device usage access to get the exact data from the target smartphone. So obviously the first time setup is a bit lengthy – but it is worthy to do this for one time for perfect control over your kid!

The parent monitoring entirely works on the cloud services where you have entire activities tracked brilliantly right in front of your eyes! You can keep an eye on everything such as how much time your kids use the device, a map integration to track down where your kid is located, review any pics they took with the device, finding harmful content in the browsers they use, etc. Importantly your kid cannot delete the app unless they have the login credentials of the parental account! The cloud account for parents is created whenever you register in the app and you will get a 10 days trial of it at the start.

On the downside – this app is really visible to the kids in their phone, in fact, there is a status bar notification enabled all the time. It is not a good idea to keep them notified that all of their activities are being tracked which either keeps an alarm on them or to find out an alternate way of not being tracked! It is not a big concern if you are a good parent and your kids understand why you are worrying about them.

On the whole, Familoop is one of the best parental control apps for Android in the market with a wide set of features and a super cool cloud service to monitor your kid’s activity on the go!

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