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Drinking Water for Fit Android App Review

Did you drink enough water today? This is what Drinking Water for Fit developed by Westaflex reminds you with regular time intervals. Are you a person who is not aware of the amount water that needed to keep your body fit and healthy? This is the right one for you!

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First thing I have noticed while installing this application is it doesn’t require any special permission from your device. This is something unusual from the Android applications where many of them access a lot of details from your Android devices.

The concept of this app is pretty simple, but effective sometimes! Once launched you can see an Android logo on the backdrop along with some cups and bottles in front. This is a reminder app that reminds you to drink water at regular interval of times. You can see the reminder message on the notification bar periodically. So what you need to do is just tap on the notification area and drink some water, mark it with a cup or bottle according to the amount of water you had.

One important thing the developers have missed is the amount of water to be added. There is no indication on it except the bottle and cup images. If it is something like indicating the total amount of water needed per day and how much you get in for each take, which would be a better side.

On each take up of water the Android logo gets filled and you can see when your goal is reached. You can undo the actions either to the previous take or the entire actions. There is a cool Twitter sharing as well. I am using this app for couple of days and of course I am one who always lagging to drink water at times.

This is really helping me take it up on time. I feel the amount of water to be taken is very less according to this app! It reaches the goal on very few takes. I am not sure if I am getting the right level of water into my body as this app indicates. However, this comes pretty handy for me even though it looks very simple.

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Drinking Water For Fit is a Free app on the Android Market.

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