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Direct Opinion Android app review – Create a survey on the move!

Controversies are the way that leads to surveys. If you are in a tough situation to make a decision at your work, with your friends or in case of any public discussions, the best way to get the better results are polls or surveys. I have never used any apps to conduct an online survey rather than the web tools. Here is Direct Opinion that provides an easy and efficient way to conduct online surveys on the move!

Direct Opinion is a perfect choice to create online surveys regardless of the topics or on any targets and just showing the public opinion to the world. The app doesn’t limit you with just creating the surveys, but you can search for other user surveys, answer, measure and monitor them as well.

To use the app you have to create an account with them or use your Facebook account to login. The registration process looks a bit long, but definitely there are very few must fill spaces and completes within minutes.  The home screen of the app looks very simple and easier to use as the options are perfectly aligned in a well-designed menu structure.

You can create a survey, search for the other surveys, access the surveys and its results all from one space. You can simply type your survey question, which should be less than 140 characters and add respective images if you wish. The lock button allows you restricting the survey if you have any criteria for user restrictions.  You can set the duration of the survey in terms of hours and maximum up to days. The good thing about this app is that it allows users to choose a particular category and target specific people as you wish.

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One more interesting feature is the option to create your own list of people and post the surveys targeting them. Unfortunately as a brand new app there are very less active surveys available, but the quality of the app will make high numbers in the future.  Answering the survey is in terms of percentage where you can just scroll the tab pointer to cast your answer. Unfortunately the app has no options to share the surveys with our friends either via email or social media!

The app doesn’t limit with this, but provides a way to earn some money as well. If any of the user pays to access the detailed result of your survey this generates a $0.50 commission for you! Once you have reached the minimum threshold of $20 in your account you can withdraw the amount.  On the whole the app is really useful for people who create a lot of surveys such as a busy businessman. Direct Opinion is a FREE download from the Google Play.

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