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ChessSetArt Android App Review

chess set artChess is a kind of game where brain plays a major role throughout. I was a great fan of this game time ago when there was not a thing called smartphones and we stick only to the PC games. However, this review is not about a game, but a decent documentary of Chess Sets.

ChessSetArt is a filmed mini-documentary of 25 world’s greatest chess sets. This collection includes the popular Russian masterpiece made by Faberge, which is called as world’s most valuable chess set ever made! The app has the nice collection of chess sets that are cultural and popular too.

Have a look on some of the popular names like Salvador Dali “Fingers” set, a Murano glass set, Meissen porcelain set, a complete set from the 16th Century, and many more. The good thing about the app is it features chess sets started from the 16th century, which is Rock Crystal and Smoky Topaz and continues up to 20th century arts such as Mussolini vs Selassie, Man Ray and many more.

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The artworks inside the app were brilliant and eye-catching as it reflects many of the ancient works right in front of our eyes. In fact, I liked the black backdrop throughout the app that highlighted the design works of chess sets more clearly. As it contains a huge collection of multimedia, the app is a bit huge in the size. Even we have suffered some crashes on the old Android devices such a Galaxy Ace, Motorola Milestone. But for the recent devices, this app works like a charm!

It is a real pleasure to take a look on all the chess sets in the app as it delivers most precious artworks done by some great men/women. They are brilliant, accurate, pleasant and a masterpiece of art! The success of this app lies in the spot where you really feel like you are exploring things inside a museum!

ChessSetArt for Android comes on a pricey side that costs around $10.

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