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Caricature Me – Photo Deformer Android App Review

Funny and prank apps are always something that I used to try from the Google Play Store to make good times with my friends and family. In fact, there are bunch of apps on the market to make fun with your dear ones. Caricature Me is a nice addition to the list that offers a decent photo editing tool overall.

It adds more fun if the funny things happen through any pictures right? STOIK the developers of Caricature Me kept this in mind strongly and created this cool application for a fun ride with photos from your Android device.

caricature me app review for Android

The app is very intuitive and simple in design and user interface. It opens up with a T&C agreement and follows the four styles of pictures you can choose from. You can either choose a picture your photo gallery or take a snap using the camera without leaving the application. Another cool feature is the Facebook integration so users can use the photos from the Facebook albums as well. The app doesn’t limit to only this, but allows you to choose from your file manager and send via Bluetooth as well!

Once you go to the main screen you can simply tap on the screen and drag as you wish to make the picture reformatted. It is your effort how badly you are making it funny. There are some in-built funny designs you can select and change your photo. Once you have done with all the funny works with your picture, you can simply share it straight to Facebook or send via email. If you wish you can save the resulting image to the device memory as well.


You can redo the changes made on the image if you wish. Caricature Me is a nice, funny app with some cool features that make your fun works easy. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store and there is a pro version as well if you don’t want the ads to be present.

If you want some great fun with your Android device on the move, Caricature Me is a perfect choice!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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