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Awesome Wallpaper Android app review – Decorate your device with awesome wallpapers

Android devices come in a lot of varieties with different screen size and display resolution, which has a major problem on setting the right wallpaper on your phone. I have experienced some issues on setting a wallpaper on my Android device, at most times I got the image doesn’t fit the home screen.

There are lots of apps available on the Google Play Store that offers excellent wallpapers for your Android. Awesome Wallpaper is yet another addition to this, which offers users a wide range of eye-catching wallpapers to decorate their Android home screen.

awesome wallpaper for android review

Awesome Wallpaper for Android is the same story of providing cool pictures to set your device screen, but it offers the collection in a nice interface. The major plus of the app is the unique categories you can avail such as MLB, NBA, SuperBowl, if you are a sports fan. The entire application is split into 43 various categories such as nightscape, graffiti, travel, superbowl, music, beach and lot more!

You can select the categories you want thus the app directly guides you to the image collections. You can simply swipe left/right to check the images from each category, scroll up/down to see more pictures. Please note that you need a good internet connection on your Android device to explore the app. If you are in a slow connection, the app may be frustrating because of the higher load time for images.

awesome wallpaper review for android

You can comment on the images, like them or share it with email, Facebook or Twitter. There is a search option that lets you to display the images with respect to your query. Setting the image to your wall is very easy as simply tap on the image you wish and it gets into the full screen. You can see options to set it as your wallpaper or directly save it into your media gallery.

The app has huge collection of wallpapers inside, which are really attractive to see. On the whole, Awesome Wallpaper is a nice app for your Android device to set some attractive displays as you wish.

The app is a free download from the Google Play Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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