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App review – Audiobooks for Android

Google Play store is growing day by day competiting the Apple App Store both in terms of number of apps and usability. I have tried some great audiobook players on my iPhone. Audiobooks for Android is the first audiobook player on my Android I ever tried and this app is yet another great addition if you love playing audiobooks on the go!

I have tried some other competitors as well, but this app is really good in terms of simpler and easier user interface and enticing features. You can download two audiobooks at a time and listen to them even if you are offline. It also allows you to stream more than 15000 audiobooks categorized as various genres if connected to the internet.

audiobook for android app review

The entire lists of audiobooks are categorized like Business, History, Romance and more. You can pick your interesting topic easily from the app and start downloading or listen online with few taps. The app has a well-designed menu on top where you can see the books you owned and the download history, Saved books, various genres, etc. There is a search button on top right that allows you to search any audiobooks using keywords.

The app has a cool feature that resumes your playback if there is any interruption such as incoming calls. You can simply go back to the title and tap on the resume button or save the audiobook for later hearing. The app is updated with latest audiobooks on each genre that makes the users updated with all the new stuffs. You can automatically bookmark the audiobooks for later reference.

audiobook review

The app is brilliantly designed with intuitive user interface and design. However there are some hassles while downloading and playing the books. I have tried one book and it was not playing exactly on the new Google Nexus S tablet. I have tired the same in a Samsung S3 as well, but received the same results. But, on the whole the app is a good try if you love listening to audiobooks on your phone or tablet.

Audiobooks for Android is available on the Google Play for free of cost.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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