Review – SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Case

It’s the holiday time and if you are ready to spend some bucks for a smartphone or tablet, this is the right time to pick a new one. As today’s era turning more digital, the scopes for gadgets are really booming. So if you are looking to buy a new iPad 4, 3 or whatever it is, you should be searching a perfect case for the same apparently.

Thanks to the guys from MobileFun who sent us a brand new case for the new iPad 4/3 or an iPad 2 – the SD TabletWear.  SD TabletWear is a nice case for your iPad that facilitates all the essential features needed to handle your tablet securely. It comes with a lightweight design made up of leather effect materials.  It has a magnetic lock to close the front panel, which is pretty easier to handle.

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The front view of the case looks a bit ugly due to the placing of racks to hold the tablet in 20 viewing angles. On the rear you have a camera and speaker point that fits perfectly on your iPad. The rear side has a stripe made magnetic stand that connects with the front panel racks to fit the iPad in 20 viewing angles. This looks decent, but from what we have seen it is a bit tough job to fit the device when the inclination angle increases.

Interior of the case is quite crowded that includes racks to keep your cards as well. You can fit the tablet easily into the case where the front cam and home button are perfectly placed. The screen contact area of the case is made with very soft material to avoid any kind of mark on the display. But, sadly there is no power on/off feature when you lock/open the case.

The power button and volume keys are perfectly settled inside the case along with the charging point in the bottom. You have a lock on the left fitting area of the case to avoid any accidental slips of your iPad. On the whole the SD TabletWear looks like a perfect choice if you are looking for a decent iPad case for much lower price tag.

Once again, thanks to the MobileFun team and Mr. Matthew Clough for sending us this cool iPad case for a review. You can buy the SD TabletWear for iPad for just 19.95 Euros from MobileFun.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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