Accessories Review – Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Cover Case & FlexiShield Case for HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are the most hyped Android smartphones this year as these devices changed the trend for Android users. These are the company flagship devices at the moment and most owners are sharing awesome feedback about both these devices! Of course, these are the smartphones that cost many of your bucks and it is important for users to protect them from unexpected damages!

Thanks to buddies from MobileFun for the review units of Samsung S4 S-View Cover Case and the FlexiShield Case for the eye-catching HTC One. Let’s discuss about the S-View case first. Simply, you can’t find a better protector for yourS4 than this case. The S-View cover case is the officially announced accessory from Samsung for the flagship Galaxy S4.

The S-View is perfectly designed for the S4 with high quality material that matches the device. The back panel is exactly what it looks like on the S4 with plastic build throughout. The front cover is nicely built to match the S4 notification view where you can see the date and time, notifications such as missed calls, text messages, network coverage and battery level.

Samsung S-View cover

On the other hand, the FlexiShield case for the HTC One is a basic back case for the device made up of silicon material. The case fits the One perfectly as it doesn’t spoil the glamorous look of HTC One due to the silver colored silicon material. It is important to note that the metal body of the One is more vulnerable to easy scratches than the plastic body of S4. FlexiShield is a good protector to avoid the metal scratch with its perfect back fit.

HTC One cover

The Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View case comes at a bit costlier side that is available for $41.99 in the MobileFun website while the FlexiShield case for HTC One is a budget case available for just $12.99

If you own any of these devices, don’t wait anymore for these beautiful cases available in MobileFun.

Watch out this space for more enticing accessory reviews for your smartphones and tablets near future!

Courtesy: The review units are provided from MobileFun. Thanks guys!

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