These days smartphones are an everyday item which is great as they are basically like carrying a small PC around in your pocket. Now your phone lets you do so much more than just keep in contact with your friends and family, with apps that allow you to look at maps and play videos on demand. There was a time though when people didn’t like the idea of a smartphone, this was because the companies making them were not able to make the technology affordable and powerful at the same time so people didn’t want to shell out for them. This all changed when Apple came into the market with the iPhone as it was both powerful and affordable, it was also incredibly easy to use and understand.

iPhone 6 games

All of these points since have allowed Apple to nearly have a 50% share of the entire smartphone market. Apple every year release a new phone with better specs than the last and many people believe that they next one will come out in the summer this year. The way that most people see the improved specs is through games on their phones which are incredibly easy to find. The improved power of the new iPhone will allow the games people make to be better and more complex.

Unlike what many people think you do not have to download games just from the Apple store in order to play them. There are infact many sites now dedicated to offering games that you can play in your browser on the iPhone. Sites like Jackpot City offer great mobile casino games that you can check out and play straight away, these games will only be improved by the new iPhone however they are still great to play currently.

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