iPhone Apps

DogTrainingApp – The Perfect App for Getting a Well-Behaved Pet

Dogs are incredible companions to people and this was shown to be true for many thousands of years. Today, just like in the past, many…
PokeBuilder – Creating your next Pokemon hero never gets difficult

Blockapp for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Mini-Showdown for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

App Review – Overhere App for iPhone

Android Apps

File Expert – File Manager – A Powerhouse of Compact and Effective File Manipulation

The world of the IT is constantly changing but there…
Familoop Parental Control – A Digital Spy for a Concerned Parent!

Smartphones are one of the top addictive gadgets around the…
Meal Planner: Your Personal Meal Planner

A woman is in-charge of the health of the family…


Nexus 5 Accessories Review – Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid case & MFX Screen Protector

  Google’s latest smartphone is getting very good response from the end users and expert reviewers! We are not away, the Google Nexus 5 is…
Accessories Review – Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Cover Case & FlexiShield Case for HTC One

Review – SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Case

Verbatim Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Hurley Geo Cases For iPhone4

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The holiday season is here! Apple is just gearing up for the latest online and offline ads. Here comes the recent one – Romeo and Juliet!  Well, the name reads…